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Bare Information Architecture

Bare Information Architecture


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Bare Information Architecture

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Bare Information Architecture

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Website Design and Management Services

Website Design

Website design for new websites or redesign for existing websites.

Joomla Websites

Websites built on the Joomla platform.

Website Management

Website management or maintenance on a regular basis.  No contract required.

WordPress Websites

Websites built on the WordPress platform.

Benefits of Working with Bare Information Architecture

Quality Information Architecture Applied to Websites

Established, quality Information Architecture methods applied to website design and management.

Website Design Affordable for Smaller Organizations

Website Design / Website Information Architecture made affordable for smaller organizations or individuals.

Enterprise Information Architecture Expertise

Decades of Information Architecture expertise in many industries.

Metadata Expertise - Managing Information As An Asset

Metadata expertise - managing information as an asset is part of all of our work.

Constant Knowledge Pursuit

Change is constant, especially in technology fields.  Staying up-to-date is a top priority.

Evolution or Revolution?

While evolution of technology is a given, implementing it frequently needs to be a revolution.  We know how to choose the best option.

Enterprise Information Architecture Services

Information Architecture Articles Applicable to All

Articles discussing conceptual and logical architectures at enterprise and system or project levels also apply to websites.

Metadata Management is Core to Information Architecture

Metadata management is at the very core of architecting information.  One cannot be accomplished without the other - many articles address both.