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This company and website are owned, designed, and managed by Kim Bare.

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Kim Bare

<h4>Website Designer & Manager / Information Architect / Metadata Architect</h4>

Website Designer & Manager / Information Architect / Metadata Architect

Why This Business Was Started

A couple of years ago I redesigned and managed a friend's website as a favor to her. At the same time, I started working on my own website with the intention of blogging about Information Architecture and Metadata principles and standards. Surprisingly, in the process of building those first two websites, I realized website design was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

I also further solidified my belief that effective information architecture skills are needed as much for websites as they are for mainstream IT computer systems and large organization. I knew that the skills I acquired during the many years of performing Enterprise Information Architecture and Metadata Management for large corporations are basically the same skills needed to design and manage websites – no matter what the size.

I came to the conclusion that through website design I could continue using all the information architecture and metadata skills about which I am so passionate while helping small businesses or individuals - something I have wanted to do for years. The best surprise of all? Not only was I able to use my skills to help design websites for my very artistic friends and other interesting organizations, but it gave me the opportunity to revive my own artistic skills.

Before this all happened, I spent many years in an IT career managing information as an asset. Early on, I quickly learned what I do for a living is both an art and a science.  It has also become one of my great interests and passions in life, not just something I do earn a living.  Little did I know when I started working in this field that it would become such a big part of my life. Nor did I know how many interesting and colorful people I would meet along the way. 

I eagerly spent many years studying, analyzing, and practicing my craft.  Many great practitioners of this craft have shared their knowledge with me.  I’ve have learned invaluable lessons by talking to and/or reading books written by well-known experts. I have also learned just as much, if not more, by working with and talking to less well-known, but just as knowledgeable, experts who practice this craft on a regular basis.

I have spent countless hours (years, actually) talking to anyone and everyone who would discuss these topics, look at my models, and listen to my points of view – even if they didn’t always agree with me. And believe me, in this business there are a LOT of opposing viewpoints. Fortunately, there are also a lot of people who pretty much think the same as I think. 

A few times over the years I have been asked why I haven't written my own book about modeling, semantics, and metadata management, especially when I feel so strongly about certain concepts, principles, and standards. So, after all the intellectual gifts bestowed upon me by the many people who so willingly shared their knowledge with me, after all the years of reading and studying, after all the countless long and involved discussions, and after all the years of practicing and honing my craft, I decided to create a website to pass along my experiences and knowledge.  Then, I decided to help out a friend with her website, and you know the rest of that story. 

My years of employing and teaching information architecting, metadata architecting, and system life cycle methodologies taught me which important questions to asked at which stages during the entire design and implementation processes. Very importantly, collaborating all those years with employees working at all levels, including senior management, taught me how to work well with all types of people possessing all kinds of personalities.

So, now I'm using my modeling, architecture, metadata, and methodology skills to create websites for small organizations or individuals. Combining my Information Architecture skills with artistic skills allows me to create websites that exceed the owner's objectives, needs, and expectations while infusing them with the clients’ personalities.

What started out as something I offered to do to help out a friend while starting my own blog has turned into a business for me.  The website design and management venture is turning out to be exciting and immensely intellectually rewarding.   I hope you will join me on this exciting adventure and allow me to design and manage a website for you.

- from Kim Bare, Owner


Experience Summary

For many years, Kim has worked as an expert Semantic, Data, Information, and Metadata architect and manager.  The overall purpose of her work has been to help organizations manage ontologies and information as assets while being cognizant of the future direction of business systems and how that direction will impact the enterprise.

Data Governance, Data Quality, Master Data Management, and Business and System Analysis are functions she has performed and managed at many organizations.  Most of this time, in addition to doing the actual work she led architecture groups who designed and managed the standards, tools, and models.  She has also coached numerous employees and trained many others during her career. 

Kim often works on strategic level initiatives with executive level business and IT management as well as with cross-functional project teams.  She can work jointly with business users and IT staff to make the company more competitive and its systems even more mutually supportive.  She also worked on many projects to architect operational systems used to perform day-to-day business.

Consulting, training, coaching, guidance, and support are services that she professionally provides to software development groups, end-users or customers, all levels of business and IT management, and technical support groups.  For website design and management, Kim currently works with small companies or organizations.

Adaptability, determination, and innovative thinking are the key attributes that have contributed to her success.  As an excellent problem solver, she rapidly learns what business a company is in and then understands the business system currently under study and this system’s relationships with other business systems.  Additionally, she learns quickly, is very productive and creative, and has conceptual, analytic, and writing abilities.  Kim possess the qualities of genuineness, intelligence, ability, and drive; and she has a very high level of energy.

Kim has also begun using her skill sets to design and manage websites.  She is proficient in WordPress and Joomla.  Her past experience in modeling has proven very useful in designing and managing effective websites for small business owners, small organizations, or individuals.

Areas of Expertise

Kim expertly manages knowledge as an asset.  She provides successful and cost-effective solutions for Ontology Management, Master Data Management, Data Governance & Data Quality, Metadata Management, Enterprise Models or Architectures, Information or Metadata Repositories, and Business Systems.  Data lineage and impact analysis, well-designed standards, and system life cycle methodologies are additional areas of her expertise.

Kim effectively architects and manages the following information assets:  Business Glossaries based on context, Semantic Model and Canonical Data Model that incorporate Business Rules, Conceptual and Logical Process Models, Workflow Models, and all associated Standards.  The models for these assets are created and managed at both the enterprise-wide and project levels.  Additionally, Kim aids in designing and managing the systems configured to support these information assets. 

The solutions Kim provides are implemented in both business and Information Technology (IT) environments for large organizations, and they are implemented on websites for small organizations and businesses.  Kim excels at working with multiple levels of personnel and all different types of personalities.  Professional consulting, coaching, training, support, and guidance are services Kim delivers to customers, all levels of management, business personnel, IT personnel, and website owners.  Kim has excellent oral, written, and presentation skills.   Some of her specific skills are listed below.


  • Website design, administration, and management
  • Joomla and Wordpress - Joomla with SEBLOD
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for websites
  • HTML, CSS, and PHP code necessary to modify websites
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Data Governance (DG) with Data Quality (DQ)
  • Metamodel & metadata architectures & management
  • Rochade, Data Manager, Mega, & other repository & modeling tool concepts, design, implementation, & management
  • SLC (system life cycle) Methodologies
  • Data and Information Standards
  • Zachman Framework concepts, implementation, & management
  • Semantic or Ontology Modeling and Logical Data Modeling incorporating Business Rules
  • Functional Data Modeling (basically the same thing as Dimensional Data Modeling)
  • Structured Process, Workflow, and Use Case Modeling
  • Workshop facilitation (JAD)
  • Knowledge transfer and training