Websites Portfolio

Please take a look at the following websites that have been designed by and are being managed by Bare Information Architecture. Following the compilation video of several of our clients' websites, individual websites are listed with a photo of the home page, a link to the website, and additional information.

We work very closely with each client to make sure their visions come to life on a website that contributes to the goals and success of their company or organization. We aim to not just meet, but to exceed, the expectations of our clients.

For all of the websites we design and manage, we apply expert and well proven Information Architecture principles, methods, and standards. We help our clients with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), periodic keyword research and monitoring, and analytic monitoring. We also provide additional website security and monitoring, website maintenance, and many other services as part of our monthly maintenance package.


05Hogs Productions is a veteran-owned media production company, and it has been a lot of fun to design and build. The business is owned by my childhood friend Kerry (Hawker) Hairston and her business partners Jerrold Page and Allen Sowelle. We're still tweaking the websites and plan to add lots more text, but it's a work in process.

Website Features: Background photos for navigation area, lots of photos and videos (of course as it's a media production company), an animated logo designed by 05Hogs Productions, a military style font, tributes embedded from Facebook (primarily of veterans), extra website security, and a contact form.

Website Platform: Joomla


No Place Like Home Pet Sitting Services is a pet sitting website, and I really had fun working on this site. I absolutely love working on pet related websites! The business is owned by my dear friend Kerensa Hardy, who strives to make the best life for each and every pet on the earth. We're also using a super cute, cartoon related font on this site.

Website Features: Background photos for navigation area, services details, fun floating particles on some pages, off-canvas menu (hamburger menu) on all devices, photos of clients that can be updated easily by the owner of the website, links to social media, a cartoon related font, extra website security, and a contact form.

Website Platform: Joomla with SEBLOD


This website is owned by Kerensa Hardy, a very caring and wonderful woman who is a perfectionist at everything she does. This website has been a blast to work on because it features my favorite beings - pets! It is also the most complex website I have designed so far.

Website Features: Multiple pages, product details, photos displayed from Facebook for continually updated patterns and charms, photos of fur clients modeling products with the ability for website users to sort the photos by product type, memorial page products, memorial photos with the ability for users to sort the photos, online custom ordering, account profile including pets' information and ordering history, ability for clients to post their own memorial photos, clients' ability to logon while logged into Facebook, social media links, extra website security, a contact form, and more.

Website Platform: Joomla with SEBLOD


Beth and Jim Wulff are two of my favorite people and excellent musicians, so I love working on their website.

Website Features: Beth and Wulff musical performances from Youtube that are embeded and play on the website, an animated logo, photos of events over the years, a link to where one can purchase their music, a contact form, extra website security, and more.

Website Platform: Joomla


My own website was the second one I designed. It has been redesigned multiple times because of my ongoing learning process, the additional knowledge I gain about designing websites as well as the Joomla environment, available extensions and templates, etc.

An animated logo and much more. Please see other pages on this website for more examples of what we can do for you.

Website Platform: Joomla

Honorable Mention Websites

The Nurses, LLC

This business has temporarily (we hope) gone out of business. It was owned by a very compassionate, caring woman and a truly gifted Nurse Practitioner. I really enjoyed working on this website.

Website Features: Multiple pages, links to a Patient Portal and a TeleHealth (teleTina) Portal, links to social media, healthcare articles, extra website security, a contact form, and more.

Website Platform: Joomla

1-800-Pet-Taxi Denver

This was one of my favorite websites to design and manage. I managed this website for almost 1.5 years. Unfortunately, 1-800-Pet-Taxi Denver is no longer in business as the owner decided to pursue another career, so the website no longer exists.

Website Features: Multiple pages, online service requests, client billing, ability for clients to pay online, post to multiple social media sites directly from website, extra website security, and more.

Website Platform: WordPress