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Do Information Architectures Have Anything To Do with Website Design and Management?

The short answer is yes - absolutely!  Information architecture concepts are independent of technology, and therefore they apply to any system.  This is something I have always believed - it is something I have always known.  Most importantly, my website design and management experience further solidified my previous opinion that information management and architecture skills are necessary to properly design and manage any computerized system – even a small website. 

The journey to get my website up and running and managing it while starting down a new career path has been very interesting - and in some respects it has been surprising. I learned WordPress while managing a website for a friend, and I leaned Joomla while creating my own website. I love learning new technologies, and the experience has been surprisingly fun compared to what I thought it would be when I first started. Right after I started working on the websites I began thinking of it as my next career path.

The only downside in the whole WordPress and Joomla experience is some portions of these technologies go against my logical thinking. And at times, the whole website design and management experience with WordPress and Joomla has greatly tried